Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brett Favre The Elder Viking

How old is too old? Brett Favre is experienced and intense. He is spirited and courageous. What makes Brett Favre make big plays? He is not afraid to fail!

Where does the desire to keep playing professional football at the top NFL level come from? How does Brett Favre maintain the skill to be one of the best NFL football quarterbacks at the age of 40? Favre is football personified and many pundits who have never lead an NFL team to victory will argue over his results over the years. They expound on his flaws. They can't even throw a spiral or focus through pain or end of game decision choices. Yet they blather on.

Hoarse Cow votes Brett Favre into the NFL Hall Of Fame the first year he is eligible and hope he plays as long as he enjoys the game! The love of the game of football and the desire to make the play in every game is what makes great players. Brett Favre is
is consistently great in victory or defeat and his confidence in players on his team makes his team play better. It has been a fun ride!

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